Jesse was absolutely amazing in helping me arrange the best price for my gas, electricity and internet. Being a first time renter the process sounding overwhelming but Jesse made it so simple and was willing to explain everything to me. I'm so grateful, thank you!

Shakira P.

Due to the prompt and friendly service that Sunny provided us on the day not to mention the professionalism displayed in her delivery of the product, it goes without saying that I would pass on such a good service.

Peter A.

Very thorough and prompt in getting all services connected as quickly and painlessly as possible. Doing this myself would have been difficult in the very short time I have before I need to move in to my next property. Much appreciated

Carmel T.

Such a wonderful and easy way to move house. The gentleman was so very helpful and explained everything in detail so that I could understand exactly. Thank you so much.

Eva K.

Our experience was easy and stress free. We were provided with helpful information that eased the process for us. And to top it all off, jacob was extremely helpful and patient with us during the call. Thank you so much

Taylah Q.

Our contact who called us was extremely friendly, thorough, and was able to answer all our questions efficiently, plus had a nice Aussie accent.

Nigel N.

Quick same-day & Urgent Electricity Connections

Quick Electricity Connections

Moving house or need an urgent electricity connection? Foxie organises quick, simple and easy connections when you need it most.

Your power can be up and running today and at times within minutes.

Our experienced team have live feeds with providers to make sure your request is taken care of immediately.

Have your urgent electricity connection sorted now for no cost with Foxie

There are no hidden fees or last-minute premiums; just fast solutions where it counts!

How are we free?

Foxie is a completely free service for you as we are paid by our suppliers.

Your individual needs come first when we determine the best provider for you. We don’t just promote whoever pays us the most money.

Foxie is independently owned so you will always receive unbiased advice about the best product we have for you, not the supplier.


How do I get a quick or even an immediate electricity connection?

You can have your electricity up and running within the day, and sometimes in a matter of minutes. 

Different states in Australia have different infrastructure and rules when it comes to residential power. Generally, if you give Foxie a call on 1800 951 865 before 11 am on a weekday, we’ll be able to get you plugged in within the day. 

If it’s later in the afternoon, and you require an urgent connection, give us a call anyway, and our agents will work to get you the quickest connection possible. Foxie is equipped with live feeds from electricity providers across the country, which means we can keep an eye on the progress of your connection in real time, and keep you updated with its status.


Are there additional fees for same-day or urgent electricity connections?

You may have to pay a little extra for a same-day electricity connection, depending on where your property is and which retailers you have available to you. Sometimes urgent connection fees can be as high as $300 to $500, depending on the electricity distributor that services your area –  but if you’re really trying to avoid extra costs, your Foxie utilities specialist will advise you if any of our retailers can get a fast connection done cheap, or even for free.

Fees that cover urgent connections and the like are usually passed down from the electricity distributor, rather than the retailer. Using Foxie, of course, is always free, no matter what.


How long does it take to set up a same-day electricity connection?

Foxie can have you on and off the phone within five minutes if you’re in a rush to set up your electricity for today. We understand that you probably have a million and one things to do! So we’ll keep it simple, set you up with a fast connection and find you a great deal.


What do I need to do to get my electricity connected?

All you’ll need is the address of the property you’re moving into and some form of ID – like a driver’s licence, passport or proof of age card – so make sure you have one handy when you call Foxie on 1800 951 865.


How do same-day electricity connections work?

Simple! Same-day connections can be arranged in most circumstances in Australia through either a retailer or a utilities services company like Foxie. We’ll do a search for your address and go through the options – taking you through activation costs, discounted plans and connection details of energy retailers available at your location. When we find something that works for you, we’ll get started on processing your connection immediately, and you can get back to your move!


Can I get my electricity connected today if I require a manual connection?

A same-day connection can still be possible even if your electricity can’t be activated remotely. If a distributor technician needs to come out to your property in order to activate your connection, Foxie can advise you on the fastest way to get this done, depending on your house and location.


How do I know if I’m getting the best deal when connecting my electricity?

If you get your utilities connected with Foxie, you can rest assured that you aren’t being sold to. Unlike some other connection services, Foxie is completely independent. When we present you with different options for discounted electricity plans, for example, we are fully transparent about every detail, because we aren’t incentivised to sell you one over the other. Therefore you can get the best deal that Foxie has to offer, not just for electricity, but for all of your utility connections.


Can same-day electricity connections be made anywhere in Australia?

Same-day electricity connections are possible across Australia – depending on the distributor network in your area, the type of meter the property is fitted with and the time of day the connection request is made. If you’re moving to or within Victoria, a same-day connection generally shouldn’t be a problem, as every home in Victoria should now be fitted with a smart meter. 

In other states such as Queensland and New South Wales, manual connections may be required to activate your electricity connection – meaning a technician will need to physically visit your property. If your house doesn’t have a smart meter or does require a manual connection, this doesn’t necessarily mean a same-day connection is out of the question.

To find out if your specific property can be connected to electricity today call Foxie on 1800 951 865, and have one of our specialists check your address.


How do I get my electricity connected urgently in Melbourne, Victoria?

Simple. Get in touch with Foxie on 1800 951 865, and ask for a same-day connection. Every home in Victoria should be fitted with a smart meter, which allows electricity distributors to activate your connection remotely. This means your new house could be receiving power within minutes of putting down the phone.


How do I get my electricity connected urgently in Sydney, New South Wales?

New South Wales is the largest energy market in Australia, and the NSW Government made smart meters compulsory in residential properties in 2017. This means the rollout of smart meters across the state is still ongoing. So whether a remote electricity connection is available at your new home or not depends on the type of meter it’s equipped with.

Simply give Foxie a quick ring on 1800 951 865 to check whether your property is fitted with a smart meter, and we’ll get your electricity set up in minutes. Even if your property doesn’t have a smart meter installed, a same-day connection may still be possible – ask one our specialists, and we’ll scan across our retailer network to find an option that suits you best.

Get Connected With Foxie Today