• Traditional pay TV, delivered via a dedicated cable or satellite
  • Streaming services, delivered via the internet
Content provider Key Features
Traditional pay TV – via cable or satellite
Foxtel The longest standing pay TV option in Australia providing access to many options across sport and entertainment with a set top box facilitating recording and storage of shows.

It can be purchased on its own or bundled with your internet service.

Streaming services – via the internet
Fetch TV Utilising a set top box, Fetch TV provides access to its own library of TV shows and movies as well as other streaming services. Fetch TV packages can be purchased separately or bundled with a broadband plan.
Foxtel Now Access to all Foxtel content, via the internet.
Netflix Extensive TV and entertainment content from an American media provider.
Stan An Australian streaming service offering original and rebroadcast movies and TV shows.
Binge Owned by Foxtel and offering the same massive library of movies, TV shows and documentaries. Does not include live TV and sport.
Amazon Prime Video Offers both Amazon originals as well as popular TV shows and movies.
Kayo Sports A specialty sports offering that provides access to over 50 sporting events and shows.

Traditional Pay TV

Traditional pay TV is a subscription-based service that allows you access to a wide variety of content not available on free-to-air television. Channels are based on areas of interest (e.g. sport, lifestyle, drama etc) and you can select different packages to include the content that you are interested in.

You can access traditional pay TV via a dedicated cable or satellite dish on your roof – both require professional installation. Traditional pay TV generally provides a more stable connection than internet-based streaming services. If you’re renting, you’ll need to get permission from your agent or landlord, and if you live in an apartment, it’s also wise to check with your body corporate.

Traditional pay TV also requires a device called a set top box, which connects to your TV, pay TV cable point, TV aerial and powerpoint. Most set top boxes have the added benefits of being able to record, pause and rewind live TV. Pay TV subscription packages usually include a set top box, but beware if you cancel your contract before the end date you may have to pay out the cost of the device. There is also usually a choice of devices, some having more functionality than others (e.g. some enable you to record multiple shows at once or view in HD and ultra HD quality.) Pay TV subscriptions are usually 12-month contracts which, after 12 months, roll onto a month-to-month subscription.


The traditional means of pay TV was first introduced in Australia by Foxtel in 1995 and they are currently the only provider offering this service. Foxtel boasts some of the most-popular content in Australia, including live broadcast of most AFL, NRL and A-League football matches, blockbuster exclusive shows like Game of Thrones and the latest new-release movies. There are many channels to choose from including drama, sport, kids, lifestyle, documentary and movie channels as well as 1000+ movies on demand.

Foxtel set top boxes are able to pause, rewind and record live TV, and Foxtel’s latest box, the iQ4, can deliver ultra HD (4K). If you connect your Foxtel iQ3 or iQ4 set top box to the internet, you can access even more movies and shows by streaming SVOD services like ABC iView or Netflix. Foxtel offers packages and sometimes free promotions that include Netflix subscriptions.

How much is Foxtel?

There are a number of different Foxtel packages available and prices generally increase as you add more channels. Foxtel customers can choose between a 12-month or a month-to-month contract when signing up for the first time.

While choosing a 12-month contract is a sizable commitment, Foxtel waives set up costs and equipment fees in this option, and often offers discounts on the monthly subscription price. Foxtel’s month-to-month option, while more flexible, will require you to pay an additional $285 on your first bill to cover professional installation, a new set top box and standard connection. You can check out Foxtel’s current offerings here »

It’s also worth considering bundling pay TV with your broadband plan. Foxtel actually now offers its own broadband product, which comes with unlimited NBN broadband and includes Foxtel’s pay TV service. These bundles start at $124* a month, climbing in price depending on which package you choose, and are available within 24- or 12-month contracts. Telstra also offers broadband products which include Foxtel, and Foxie can actually set this up for you.

If you’re moving house you can take your existing Foxtel pay TV service with you, as long as you are moving to an address that supports a cable Foxtel connection. There’s also a handy app, called Foxtel GO, which enables you to access many of the channels in your pack while you are awaiting connection at your new location.

Foxtel’s traditional pay TV does not use your internet data allowance and is the only pay TV option available for people who don’t have an internet connection.

*Prices may be subject to change and depend on where you live. Last updated February 2021.

Streaming Services

Streaming Services or Streaming Video on Demand (SVOD) services deliver content via the internet and allow you to watch movies and shows on demand, without needing to download them first. They also offer a huge variety of content. Some movies and shows can be found across many providers while other content is exclusive to individual providers. 

Streaming services provide the freedom to watch what you like, when you like, and without advertisements (for the most part). There is no installation of cables or satellite dishes, however you’ll need a broadband internet connection with adequate speed and data allowances.

There’s a growing list of streaming options including Fetch TV, Foxtel Now, Netflix, Stan, Binge, Amazon Prime Video and Kayo Sports. Most of these services can be streamed directly to any device that connects to the internet – such as a smart TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, gaming console, computer, smartphone, tablet etc. Details of compatible devices and browser requirements are on most provider websites.

Most providers also offer offline viewing so you can download movies or shows from their library while you are connected to the internet, then watch them later without internet access.

Streaming subscriptions are typically cheaper than pay TV subscriptions and usually don’t involve a long contract commitment. However, you’ll need to factor in the cost of your internet connection if you’re on a limited data plan. Many streaming services also offer month- or week-long free trials, but be sure to note the end of your free-trial period. It’s not uncommon for people to forget that their free trial is about to lapse, only to end up paying for the first month anyway. If the end of your free trial is looming, and it doesn’t look like you’ll be using the service after the trial ends, make sure you cancel your subscription before it ticks over into the next billing period.

Fetch TV

Fetch TV is not technically the same as Foxtel because it’s delivered via the internet rather than cable or satellite. However it’s probably the closest comparison, as it still uses a set top box, and allows you to pause, rewind and record live TV. Fetch packages are structured based on channels in different interest areas. Like Foxtel, Fetch TV has a long list of drama, sport, kids, lifestyle, documentary and movie channels; and you can individually rent or buy movies and shows on demand from a huge library (8000+ movies and 300+ shows). 

Fetch TV also gives you access to Optus Sport, which gives you live access to every English Premier League match, as well as a library of home fitness content. An Optus Sport subscription can also be bought by itself for $14.99 a month.

Fetch boxes also act as a proxy smart TV, giving you access to other streaming services like Netflix, Stan and ABC iView. This means you can access all of your entertainment in one place, with one remote control (if you don’t already have a smart TV). Note that you’ll still need to purchase separate subscriptions for Netflix or Stan. Fetch mobile apps for Apple and Android are also available so you can watch content on the go.

As there are no cabled connections required, you can set up Fetch TV yourself following the provider’s instructions, as long as the internet is up and running in your home.

There are two ways to purchase Fetch:

  • Buy a Fetch box from a number of retailers – like JB Hi-Fi or Harvey Norman – then sign up for a Fetch TV subscriptions online; or
  • Bundle Fetch with your broadband connection. Broadband providers including Optus, iiNet, Dodo and iPrimus have some attractive bundles. Often, a set top box is included for free but you will need to return it if you cancel your contract.


Netflix’s Australian platform offers a huge range of TV shows, movies and documentaries including exclusive and original content. Favorites include Stranger Things, The Crown and The Queen’s Gambit. With more than 1000 shows and more than 1500 movies, Netflix’s biggest point of attraction is the sheer size of its library. You can also download shows and movies to watch on the go when you don’t have an internet connection. Netflix plans don’t involve contracts and you can cancel your subscription online at any time.

How much is Netflix?

Netflix offers three plans: Basic, Standard and Premium

Netflix subscription pricing table basic standard premium

*Prices may be subject to change and depend on where you live. Last updated February 2021.


Stan is an Australian streaming service owned by Nine Entertainment, offering original and rebroadcast movies and TV shows by subscription. Original content includes Australian television series Wolf Creek and One Night Stan, a homegrown series of original Australian stand-up comedy. Stan also has a huge library of British shows. You can also download shows and movies and watch them on the go without an internet connection.

How much is Stan?

There are three different product and price options with Stan: $10/month for a Basic subscription, $14/month for Standard and $19/month for Premium.

Stan subscription pricing table

*Prices may be subject to change and depend on where you live. Last updated February 2021.

You can also add Stan Sport into your package for an extra $10 a month, which includes access to a huge library of live and on-demand Australian and New Zealand rugby. Stan Sport will also host the Wimbledon and Roland-Garros as of 2021.

Disney Plus

Disney Plus is now the only online platform that exclusively streams Disney, Marvel, Pixar, National Geographic and Star TV shows and movies. Disney Plus entered the Australian streaming market in 2019, and now boasts more than a million Australian customers.

Disney Plus hosts all of its classic childhood movies including Toy Story and The Lion King, as well as fresh content in modern franchises like The Mandalorian and WandaVision.

How much is Disney Plus?

Disney Plus is $8.99 a month in Australia. But you can also subscribe for a full year for $89.99, saving you $17.89 throughout the year (which amounts to about two-months of Disney Plus).

A Disney Plus subscription allows you to have up to four concurrent devices streaming at the same time, and gives you access to its entire library in 4K (Ultra) HD.

Foxtel Now

A Foxtel Now subscription gives you access to all of the same content as traditional Foxtel, but via the internet. You can also watch aired shows on demand at a later date without needing to record them first.

You can watch Foxtel Now on a variety of devices or, if you don’t have a suitable device, you can purchase a Foxtel Now box. The Foxtel Now box will also allow you to access SVOD and streaming services like YouTube and Stan (subscription required), free-to-air TV (as long as you have an ariel connected) and includes a Google Chromecast built-in, giving you access to the Google Play Store and allowing you to stream from an Apple or Android device.

How much is Foxtel Now?

Foxtel Now starts at $25 a month, including its Pop and Lifestyle pack (news, music and reality TV). Additional channel packs like the Sport, Movies and Drama Extra packs start at an additional $29 (which means you’ll be paying at least $54 a month for one additional package). Or you can get complete access to Foxtel Now’s library (kid’s TV, documentaries, sport, movies and live TV) for $104 a month.

Foxtel Now allows you to register up to five devices and watch content on two of those devices at the same time.

*Prices may be subject to change and depend on where you live. Last updated February 2021.


Owned by Foxtel and offering a similarly massive list of movies, TV shows and documentaries, BINGE claims to be ‘unturnoffable’. A BINGE subscription includes plenty of reality TV and lifestyle content with new shows added every week. 

Popular shows include Game of Thrones and Big Little Lies as well as classics like Seinfeld, Sex and the City and The Sopranos.

How much is BINGE?

Like Netflix and Stan, BINGE offers three subscription tiers at similar price points: Basic, Standard and Premium.

BINGE subscription pricing table

*Prices may be subject to change and depend on where you live. Last updated February 2021.

Note, BINGE subscriptions don’t provide access to live TV broadcasts and sport content available with Foxtel and Foxtel Now packages.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime launched in Australia in 2018 with its own list of movies and TV shows including original content like The Grand Tour and Tom Gleeson: Joy. You’ll also be able to watch some NFL games on Prime Video.

Amazon Prime also comes with a library of blockbuster American TV shows including Breaking Bad, The Boys and American Gods.

How much is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime costs $6.99 a month on a month-to-month basis, or $59 per year. This gives you access to Amazon Prime’s entire Australian library in HD quality

This service allows you to stream content on three devices at once as well as download shows and watch them later.

*Prices may be subject to change and depend on where you live. Last updated February 2021.

Kayo Sports

As the name suggests, this one is for sports enthusiasts. A Kayo subscription allows you to more than 50 sports both live and on demand in HD quality – including AFL, NRL, A-League football, cricket, golf, tennis, surfing, motorsport and more.

How much is Kayo Sports?

Kayo does offer a 14-day free trial, and if you decided to subscribe, you’ll be able to choose between its Basic tier for $25/month and its Premium tier for $35/month; the only difference being that you’ll be able to stream Kayo simultaneously on three devices as opposed to two, if you opt for the Premium tier.

*Prices may be subject to change and depend on where you live. Last updated February 2021.

How do I choose?

If you’re interested in watching a specific TV series or sport, then choosing a pay TV or streaming service is simple. However, if you’re looking for access to more shows and movies than what’s available on free-to-air TV, comparing and selecting an option can be a little trickier. 

The rights to TV shows and films change regularly, so it’s a good idea to look up the latest catalogue of each service when shopping around. Take advantage of free trials on platforms that offer one (but don’t forget to cancel it if you don’t plan on being a paid subscriber). This will help give you a feel for whether the service is worth paying for.

It’s no longer unusual for people to have multiple SVOD subscriptions. The average household now spends around $35 a month on streaming home entertainment, which works out to the collective price tag of a subscription to Netflix, Stan and Disney Plus.

Also, remember that SVOD subscriptions do not lock you into a contract, which means you can test one out for a couple of months. It also means that if you’ve been inactively subscribed to a platform for a while, you should probably cancel your subscription until it has something to offer you again.

What sort of internet connection do I need?

For cable/satellite pay TV subscriptions, you don’t need an internet connection.

Individual streaming sites will tell you their recommendations for internet speed. For reference, Netflix says it needs a minimum speed of 3 Megabytes per second (Mbps) for standard definition streaming, and 5 Mbps for HD streaming. If you’d like to know more about broadband connections and speeds, check out our broadband page »

Foxie can directly arrange a Foxtel pay TV connection for you or help you find a great broadband and entertainment bundle. Our internet providers include:

  • Optus
  • Telstra
  • Belong
  • Dodo
  • My Republic
  • TPG
  • Foxtel

If you’re after a stand alone streaming service subscription like Netflix or Kayo, then you can sign up directly through the provider’s website.