It was so easy to apply & customer service was very good. Moving is hard enough & choosing Foxie made my day as it was all straight forward! Big thumbs up

Lauree J.

100/10 for Sheree for how absolutely amazing she was on our call today. She was efficient, informative, professional, and so friendly! She explained everything so well and was a joy to deal and chat with. Give this woman a massive raise and a promotion because she should be training every vendor in Australia what great phone call service sounds like! Cannot sing her praises enough.

Brianna W.

Very professional service that streamlined all of my utilities connections requirements in a single call. They already had a lot of my connection requirement details from the real estate agent - all I had to do was confirm my details and agree to contract terms that they described with full transparency. They were knowledgeable about the local providers who would offer the best rates for my needs, and explained everything clearly and completely. One simple call, and all of my needs were taken care of.

Adam P.

Such a wonderful and easy way to move house. The gentleman was so very helpful and explained everything in detail so that I could understand exactly. Thank you so much.

Meg E.

Our experience was easy and stress free. We were provided with helpful information that eased the process for us. And to top it all off, jacob was extremely helpful and patient with us during the call. Thank you so much

Taylah Q.

Foxie removed the stress and confusion for me, when choosing and connecting the required energy to my house. They have a great knowledge and understanding of the current plans on offer, whilst also having the patience to help me understand and make the best choice for my situation.
Thank you Foxie :)

Sarah P.

Take your pick from 10+ gas and electricity providers

Foxie works with leading Australian gas and electricity providers to offer discounted products and seamless connections.

Momentum Energy
Energy Australia
Lumo Energy
Simply Energy
Red Energy
OVO Energy
Tango Energy

Save time researching and comparing gas and electricity companies, because we’ve done it for you. Our team of specialists are here to help you choose the right provider for you.


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Whether you’re moving house or just looking for a better deal on your gas and electricity, Foxie has you covered. Our team of specialists are based in Melbourne, and are trained to find the best gas and electricity plans for your needs. Our service is absolutely free, and Foxie is completely independent, which means our specialists’ recommendations are free from bias.


Our experienced team has access to discounted plans from Australia’s leading gas and electricity providers, and live feeds with suppliers to monitor your connection. Need an urgent or same-day connection? Talk to a Foxie specialist on 1800 275 369 to find a fast connection – in some cases, we can have your power on within minutes. Need to find a gas and electricity provider without a credit check? The Foxie team can help with that too, tell one of our specialists your credit history may affect your connection, and we’ll help you find a provider to match with.

Find the right plan for you

Whether you’re moving into a new place and need a connection or just looking for a better deal, Foxie has your back. We find offers from a wide range of products from Australia’s leading gas and electricity providers. When you call us, you’ll speak to one of our specialists about your location, circumstances and priorities, and we’ll recommend the available discounted gas and electricity products that suit you.


Not happy with your current provider? Let us know about the issues you’re having with your current provider, and we’ll do our best to find you a service that works for you. In the meantime, we might even save you some money on your monthly bill, or find you a bundle discount with the right provider. Most importantly, we’re able to compare, advise and take care of your connection, completely free. Our service is totally independent from the energy industry, so you can trust that we’re on your side.

How we are free

Foxie is a completely free service for you as we are paid by our suppliers.

Your individual needs come first when we determine the best provider for you. We don’t just promote whoever pays us the most money.

Foxie is independently owned so you will always receive unbiased advice about the best product we have for you, not the supplier.



Unfortunately there is no one gas and electricity provider that is cheaper than the rest for everyone. The cheapest provider for you will depend on where you live, your credit history and the availability of promotional discounted plans. Comparing all of the gas and electricity providers in your area can take a lot of research, and will probably require calling individual retailers to get exact quotes. The easy alternative is to just call Foxie on 1800 275 369 – we’ll do an independent comparison for you, and sort out the connection for free.



If you’re looking for a better deal on gas and electricity rates than you’re currently getting, you’ll need to be prepared for a lot of research. There are a plethora of comparison sites on the internet, and many electricity providers require you to call their connection line to even hear their current prices. You’ll need to compile a list of the available gas and electricity providers in your area, identify the prices of each, and look if any providers have a discounted offering. Otherwise, calling Foxie on 1800 275 369 means you’ll speak to a gas and electricity specialist who can listen to your situation and recommend discounted products, we’ll even sort out the connection for you. Our service is absolutely independent and completely free.



When talking about electricity, we call providers ‘retailers’ because they sell access to the energy grid and measure household electricity and gas usage. Distributors, like AusGrid or United Energy, supply energy to and maintain the grid. When connecting your gas and electricity, you’ll be interfacing with the provider (or retailer), which handles your billing, metering and connection.


You’ll want to know a few things about your electricity and gas provider before you choose to sign with them – are you locked into a contract for a certain amount of time? How do the rates compare to other providers available in your market? Are there additional connection fees? How often do they bill you? Most of the time, the only way to get a straight answer on these questions is by speaking directly to a gas and electricity provider, but a Foxie specialist will be able to answer all of these questions for multiple providers at once. Our plan recommendations are completely independent, and designed to give you confidence in choosing the right provider for you.



The answer to this depends on a few things, like where you are in Australia and which gas and electricity providers your property has access to. You’ll want to get in touch with an energy provider as soon as you know your moving date, in order to give them ample time to organise a connection, and ensure that you’re fully equipped with everything you’ll need on moving day. Sometimes electricity and gas connections can require days of lead time to activate; but if the house is connected to a smart meter and can be activated remotely, some connections can be made in minutes. If you need your utilities turned on in a hurry, Foxie can help with urgent connections – simply call one of our specialists on 1800 275 369, and they’ll give you a run down of your options and arrange an urgent connection.

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