Who is Foxie?

We are your helpful and friendly utility connection experts. From choosing products to arranging connections, at Foxie we make the process a smooth one so that movers have more time to do the things that are important to them.

Where is Foxie calling from?

Here at Foxie we are 100% Australian. Our customer success team is based in Melbourne, and all of our operators are Australian ready to service your needs across all of Australia.

Why is Foxie calling me?

It is likely that we are calling you on behalf of your real estate agent to set up your utilities for your new home. One of our highly trained, Australian based Foxie team members will help you to set up all of your utilities in just one phone call.

Does Foxie charge?

We do not charge our customers, we are a free service and there is nothing that we enjoy more than helping your clients to save time and money when it comes to setting up their utilities.

Why have I received a text from Foxie asking me to ensure that my main switch is off?

The day before you move into your new home we will send you a text message asking you to ensure that your main switch is in the off position by 7am the next day. The switch must be off for electricity to be connected to your property.

How much are monthly utilities on average in Australia?

As a rule of thumb, you should expect your monthly utilities costs to be around 20% of your monthly rent (if you’re living alone), or 10% of your monthly rent if you share a household. On average, Australian households pay around $80 – $100 per month on electricity, $170 – $220 per quarter on gas and $90 – $140 per quarter on water.


Congratulations! You’ve signed a leasing agreement for your new home, and you’re getting ready to move in. The first thing you’ll need to do is work out which utilities providers are available at your new address for water, gas, electricity and broadband. Next, you can get in touch with each individual supplier, give them notice of your move-in date and agree terms with each supplier.

Sounds like a lot? You could also just contact a utilities services company, like Foxie, which scans the market for suppliers that can offer you a good deal, and arranges your connections for you, all in one call and for free.


Foxie can have your electricity up and running within the day, and sometimes in a matter of minutes.

Different states in Australia have different infrastructure and rules when it comes to residential power. Generally, if you give Foxie a call on 1800 952 438 before 11 am on a weekday, we’ll be able to get you plugged in within the day.

If it’s later in the afternoon, and you require an urgent connection, give us a call anyway, and our specialists will work to get you the quickest connection possible. Foxie is equipped with live feeds from utility providers across the country, which means we can keep an eye on the progress of your connection in real time, and keep you updated with its status.


Depending on which state you’re living in, your responsibilities for paying utilities can vary. If you’re in or moving to Victoria, you’re likely to be responsible for paying for all your water usage. In NSW, however, landlords can only ask renters to pay for water usage if the property is separately metered and adheres to the state’s ‘water efficiency’ standards. Otherwise, as a renter you can expect to pay for your electricity, gas and broadband usage, according to the plans you’ve set up with the providers.

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