So you may be asking yourself “Who is Foxie?”

Foxie is a utilities connection expert that does the hard work for you. We understand that moving is stressful and we want to help by taking away some of the stress; one of our industry experts can set up all of your required utilities in the one phone call.

We understand that you may have a few questions, so to help answer those we asked our team what they get asked most.


Ted has been at Foxie since October 2017. He says the question he gets asked most is whether our customers are charged to use our service. The answer is no, Foxie does not charge! Our service is complimentary.







Josie has been at Foxie since March 2018. Josie said that she gets asked where we are based. A lot of people assume that we are calling from overseas but we are not. Foxie is proudly 100% Australian, our office is in the beautiful city of Geelong which is where our industry experts talk to you from.







Beth started working at Foxie a year ago and she most frequently gets asked why Foxie has sent a text message about the main switch of a property being off. A text may be sent by Foxie the day before you move into your new home asking you to make sure that your main switch is turned off. The reason for this is that for electricity to be connected to your property the main switch must be turned off. Sometimes this may have been done prior to you moving into your new home, however, it is always your responsibility.






Let us know if you have any other questions about Foxie!

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