Seven reasons you should use a utility connection service

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If you’re moving into a new place, there are a million things to keep in mind, and a million more that you’re probably forgetting. Here’s seven reasons why using a utility connection service to lighten the load is a great idea.

Before you settle into your new home, you’ll need to connect your utilities first. This task may sound simple, but the truth is, there’s a lot to take into account. Did you know that the average Australian loses 208 days in their lifetime moving into a new house?

You’ll have to deal with different utility companies with differing schedules, policies and requirements. If you don’t carefully plan everything, you could miss installation appointments, be forced to reschedule and suffer the ongoing inconvenience. 

Here are a few reasons why you should hire a professional utility connection service company when moving:

1. Hassle-Free Move

Thousands of details are involved when moving, from security bonds and insurance to unpacking and re-organising. The last thing you want is to discover that you’ve forgotten to have the electricity installed! Whether you’re moving into a new home or office, moving can be complicated – but utility connection services alleviate some of that stress. 

Services like Foxie act as a one-stop shop for utility connections, meaning we can get you connected to the utilities you need – electrical, water, gas, broadband and pay TV – all at once. We do the research and organisation for you to make it a hassle-free experience.

2. Time Saver

Using a utility connection service is a proven time-saver. Doing this will prevent you from wasting time on making multiple calls, repeating the same information over and over, waiting on hold, clarifying dates, inquiring about prices etc. Instead, spend your time on the essential things, such as preparing your family or team for the transition.

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3. Independent Advice

Utility connection services are connected to a range of utility providers, offering flexibility to house movers. Having a lot of options is vital in ensuring that you get exactly what you need. Most often, individual utility providers offer fewer choices and tend to focus on specific markets, which could mean irrelevant options for newcomers.

DAR Heating and Cooling Rentals consultant, Karin Wolfin, reminds homeowners and businessmen to work with a one-stop-shop instead. She says, “It’s advised to work with a contract that specialises in tailoring utility services. They can provide independent advice, based entirely on your individual needs. 

“Since they simply streamline the installations, they don’t have to advertise specific companies. If you’re new in town, you probably have no idea about the best products in the market. Thankfully, a utility installer can advise you.”

Make sure the utility connection service you choose is really an independent body (like Foxie!) and not an electricity or gas provider in disguise.

4. Get It Done Fast

By hiring one company, you can be confident that the job will be completed by your set deadline — and sometimes, ahead of time. Utility connection services are not aligned with any utility providers, which means they can work on their own time and speed. In fact, Foxie offers a same-day connection service, at times getting the job done in just minutes.

That’s just another reason why it’s wise to hire a professional utility service company that is entirely independent and well-equipped. Because their specialty is to set up your connections, they can get the job done quickly.

5. Leave It To The Locals

If you’re moving to a different city, state or country, chances are that you will need to switch to new utility providers. But how do you know which retailers offer what in your city or state? 

A utility connections service has in-depth knowledge of providers by location, so that you can quickly drill down to the most suitable options for you. Moreover, there’s a lot of nitty gritty in setting up your utilities depending on where you’re moving. Having someone to rely on, who can answer all of your questions and let you know what to expect, will make the whole process one less thing to worry about.

6. Deals, Not Sales Pitches

Most of us just want a good deal when choosing utility providers. But when you speak to just one provider at a time, it can be hard to get a sense of the full picture – like what other options are and whether the pricing is fair. Every provider will have their own sales pitch, but if you aren’t conducting deeper research, it’s hard to know who to believe. 

Utility connection services that operate independently, like Foxie, provide unbiased advice on which deals are right for you. This is because we aren’t owned or paid off by any particular supplier, so we have no incentive other than helping you choose the deals you’ll be happy with.

7. Get It Done In One Call

Connecting utilities such as gas, electricity and water can be a huge headache for movers. But you can save yourself time and money by connecting all your services with a single phone call. When shopping around, look for a service that is independent, trusted, and capable of accessing a wide range of products and discounts.

It’s also important to check Google or other online reviews for a company with a proven track record in providing excellent customer service.

If you want the very best with none of the stress, call Foxie on 1800 952 438. We’re the one-stop-shop for electricity, gas, water, broadband and pay-TV connections.

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