How to set up an internet connection in your new house

how to set up broadband connection at home

It’s moving day. You’re a bit stressed out, but you’ve made it to your new home. Then, your 13-year-old daughter calls out from her bedroom: “Mum, what’s our new WiFi network?” 

Oops… You don’t have a broadband connection yet.

Foxie can help you steer clear of mix-ups like this.

We are an independent connection service helping customers and households choose and connect their new home internet quickly, easily and for free.

Getting online is an essential part of moving house. When you move, you need your new internet connection to be available just as quickly as your electricity and other utilities.


Getting online in a new residence

Don’t know how to set up your internet in a new house? There’s no need to worry.

Foxie has you covered on all of your utility connection needs when you move to a new home, and that includes your broadband internet connection.

Here are our tips for getting online and choosing a great internet provider in your new home.


How and when to disconnect from your current internet provider

Step 1: Notify your internet provider of your move out/disconnection date

Identify your move-out date as soon as possible — this will help all of your other steps go smoothly.

As soon as you have your date, you can contact your current provider. Ask for confirmation that your last day of service is the last day you’ll be billed for. Request for them to send you a confirmation email about your last day of internet connection.

Helpful tip: keep all your moving house timelines and reminders in check with our best moving house checklist ever.


Returning internet hardware to your provider

If you have hardware that needs to be returned to the provider, check in with them. See whether or not you’re able to uninstall it yourself — as is often the case — or if their staff need to do so.

Confirm where and when you can return the hardware on your move-out day.


Step 2: Confirm your internet disconnection on move-out day

If you have a fixed internet service through a cable, you’ll lose your internet connection when you unplug. You might then want to use your internet up until the last minute.

So, if you have some hardware to uninstall, plan for the time it will take to uninstall and return it.

Once you’re through most of your move and ready to unplug, return the hardware to the provider, if necessary.

Confirm that you’re no longer being billed. Then collect any provided receipts or paperwork.


How to connect to your new provider

Step 1: Determine your internet service needs

There are two types of internet access for your home: fixed or wireless.

Fixed internet service is connected to a property through a physical line. You can only use the connection when you’re at the property.

Wireless internet service is, well, wireless. It uses the same technology as mobile phone line networks. This allows you the flexibility to relocate from one property to another or to access your service away from home.

Your options will depend on the infrastructure that’s available in your area.

Remember that just because you previously used a certain provider and plan, doesn’t mean you need to stick with those choices. Moving house is a great time to make some changes that either upgrade your services or save you money.

For a full description of your fixed and wireless options, see our broadband connection page.

Step 2: Select your new internet provider and plan

Foxie works with the following top service providers:

  • Optus
  • Telstra
  • Belong
  • Dodo
  • My Republic
  • TPG

We’ll help get your internet up and running in a new house, and we’ll take care of the tricky parts.

There are three areas you should consider when choosing service providers: data, speed, and cost.


What to look for in your new internet provider:

  • Choose between limited data, or paying a higher price for unlimited data.
  • Unlimited data provides flexibility and peace of mind, if the higher price is acceptable.
  • Look at your current bill to see how much you’ve been using. The average Australian household uses about 85 GB of broadband data per month.
  • Internet service providers advertise “typical evening speeds” when the network is busiest. 100 megabits per second is considered a fast speed.
  • Pay more for the highest speeds if you know your household will want to run multiple devices simultaneously for demanding activities — such as video streaming.
  • Most broadband plans are using the 4G network. 5G networks are becoming available, but you’ll need compatible devices. Learn more about Australia’s 5G rollout.
  • For unlimited data plans, your cost will be based on the speed you choose. For limited plans, your cost will be based on the amount of data you choose.
  • Seeking savings? Consider bundling internet with your phone line or Pay TV (television) service.
  • Monthly plans offer more flexibility at higher prices. Longer contracts offer less flexibility, but lower prices.
  • New home internet deals can sometimes provide big savings to new customers.

Setting up WiFi in a new house is an option with any type of new home internet setup — you just need a modem that is WiFi capable. WiFi is convenient, but a cable setup may provide a more reliable level of service.

Looking for more details on plan options and how to get a broadband connection at home? Be sure to check out our broadband connection options.

Choosing your internet service provider and arranging the connection

You have a lot of options when it comes to choosing your new home’s internet service provider.

how do I set up internet in a new house
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How can Foxie help? It’s simple — just give us a call. We’ll find the right option for you and arrange your connection.

Taking a few minutes to chat with Foxie will save you time, hassle, and money.

Keep in mind, broadband internet is just one utility that we’ll help you with. We also have you covered for electricity, gas, water, and pay-tv/streaming service.

And our service is 100% free. Our recommendations reflect what you need, not what we’re paid by providers.

See what customers are saying about our internet connection service:

“Ram, the man I had helping me over the phone, was extremely helpful and had a friendly demeanour. He answered all of my questions, and I had a lot of questions! And he helped me to pick services best suited to me – especially internet. It made the process of connecting services to move into a new house a lot easier.” – Rhiannon (Google)

The utility industry is known for being complex, so it’s always better to let a specialist find you the right option and get you connected (for no cost).

Contact Foxie today to get your new internet connection sorted out as soon as possible.

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