Very smooth and easy way to connect with new providers. Advice given was spot on and recommendations were excellent. Great customer service. Thanks very much.

Joshua B.

Due to the prompt and friendly service that Sunny provided us on the day not to mention the professionalism displayed in her delivery of the product, it goes without saying that I would pass on such a good service.

Peter A.

Very thorough and prompt in getting all services connected as quickly and painlessly as possible. Doing this myself would have been difficult in the very short time I have before I need to move in to my next property. Much appreciated

Carmel T.

Such a wonderful and easy way to move house. The gentleman was so very helpful and explained everything in detail so that I could understand exactly. Thank you so much.

Meg E.

Our experience was easy and stress free. We were provided with helpful information that eased the process for us. And to top it all off, jacob was extremely helpful and patient with us during the call. Thank you so much

Taylah Q.

Our contact who called us was extremely friendly, thorough, and was able to answer all our questions efficiently, plus had a nice Aussie accent.

Nigel N.

Bad credit? Get a guaranteed electricity connection

Great deals from trusted electricity providers – no credit checks or approvals

If you have bad credit and need to get your electricity connected, we’ve got you covered. Foxie finds you flexible, affordable deals from Australia’s top electricity and power providers including:

Momentum Energy
Energy Australia
Lumo Energy
Simply Energy
Red Energy
OVO Energy
Tango Energy

Our fast, free electricity connection service is backed by years of experience, so you know we’re finding you great deals without the stress of approvals and credit checks. Speak with a friendly specialist about getting your power connected simply and painlessly – call 1800 531 821.

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If you need an electricity connection, don’t let bad credit hold you back.

At Foxie, we don’t believe anyone should be denied the right to have electricity because of bad credit history.

That’s why we offer guaranteed electricity connections, fast, with no lengthy approval processes or questions asked.

No matter where you live or what your credit history is, we’ll get your power up and running today and at times within minutes.  

Our experienced team will listen to your needs and make sure your request is taken care of immediately.

Foxie gives you more freedom with your utilities:

– Affordable plans to suit any situation

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– Friendly support and guidance

Don’t stress and waste time trying to guess which electricity provider will approve your connection. 

We make your experience simple and easy with guaranteed electricity connections, every time. 

100% free electricity connection service

Electricity connection without fees, credit history checks or approvals

Foxie is a completely free service for you as we are paid by our suppliers. 

Your individual needs come first when we determine the provider for you. We don’t just promote whoever pays us the most money.

Foxie is independently owned so you will always receive unbiased advice about the most flexible, affordable product we have for you, not the electricity supplier.

There are no hidden fees or last-minute premiums, and there are no extra costs if you have a bad credit score.

Have your electricity connection sorted now for free with Foxie – no questions asked!


If I have bad credit, will I still get electricity connection approval?

Foxie understands that not everybody has good credit, and we will help you connect your electricity regardless of your credit history. We don’t charge hidden premiums, conduct lengthy approval processes or credit checks. You will get your electricity connected with Foxie, no questions asked!

Where do you offer electricity connections?

Foxie provides fast, free electricity connections in Australia including Victoria, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Queensland, South Australia, and Tasmania.

Are there any hidden costs with your service?

There are no hidden costs with our service! It doesn’t matter what state you live in or which provider you choose, Foxie will not charge you a cent for using our service. There are no premiums or charges for different types of connections or circumstances like bad credit either.

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